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Advertising & Marketing
Promotional products are extensively used to attract interest in new or existing goods and services. Examples range from a teddy bear given away with a magazine through to products given in exchange for tokens collected from food packets.

Brand Awareness & Rebranding
Closely related to advertising and marketing, the creation, maintenance or revamp of a brand is a central feature in positioning a product or service in the marketplace and keeping it at the forefront of people’s minds. Awards & Rewards
From Schools to businesses, promotional products are used extensively to mark special occasions, whether it is to recognise an achievement or an event, such as a graduation or a leaving party. Carefully used, they build loyalty and morale.

Cause Awareness/Fundraising
Many organisations spend a great deal of time trying to make people aware of issues before prompting them to do something about them. Fund-raising is undertaken by many groups. Products range from attractive giveaways that take a message about the event or the sponsor, through to awards and incentives that reflect the work of donors or workers.

Workwear & Uniforms
Some form of branded clothing is used by many companies. Casual wear is used for exhibitions, shows, events and fundraising. Uniforms are commonly used, from schools to hotel receptions.

Direct Mail
Most organisations are involved in some form of direct-mailing campaign at some time or another and promotional products are often a strong component in this process.

Conferences, Shows, Retail & Souvenirs
Promotional products are extensively used as communication tools in all these activities. Examples include the giveaway that gets people going back to a stand for more, the well-chosen product that a hotel or conference centre provides for clients, or the sports club selling tankards engraved with their club name or crystal products showing the team picture. All this creates a sense of quality that often attracts more clients.

Incentive Schemes
These are not only used to motivate centre staff, sales teams and other key staff, but also to encourage people to introduce new members to places like sports centres.

Product Launches & Roll-Outs
Promotional products are an essential element in the build-up to product launches, the launch itself and the subsequent roll-out, keeping the focus of the target audience and the media on what is happening for as long as possible

New Branches & Relocations
Raising people’s awareness of the opening of a new branch is a key element of its success. Similarly, there is often a special message that requires communication when relocating. The message may not just be a change of premises, but an improved service due to the move. Promotional products can play a key role in communicating these messages.